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Past Legal Research and Writing Papers


Spring 2006

Spring 2012 

Fall 2012
Fall 2013





Legal Writing and Research papers - Fall 2013

1. Willie BryantMedicinal Marijuana and the Law

3. Deanna Fintz - Under 21 - It doesn't make sense - an argument against lowering the drinking age


3. Jocelyn FloresGenetically Modified Organisms are not "All Natural"

4. Allen ForeroStand Your Ground - an easy way to hide behind the law


5. Deborah Forte - Cannabis - the new miracle cure - The Research Debate

6. Terri KennedyBullying Leads to Violence

7. Thomas Kitchin - The USSC Decision on Eminent Domain in 2005 was wrong


8. Susan McCormick - Battered Woman Syndrome is not a Self-Defense

9. Nancy RhinehartJury Reform, Sentencing Process, and Housing Restructure


10. Jody Rosen I Have the Right to Choose Whether I Live or Die

11. David Travers - Should Capital Punishment Receive a Death Sentence ?

12. Erika WasavryIs Solitary Confinement Justified ?


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