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Past Legal Research and Writing Papers



Spring 2006

Spring 2012 

Fall 2012
Fall 2013





Legal Writing and Research papers - Spring 2012

1. Kathleen Overleese - "Should First-Time Juvenile Offenders Be Incarcerated With Adults? " 

2. Aloysius J. D'sa - "Is the Individual Mandate Constitutional under the Commerce Clause
3. Eugenia Lee - "
No-Contest-Clause in Estate Instruments: Contests in CA Probate Codes and Cases"  

4. Anna Andreeva - "Domestic Violence - Legal Research in the United States
5. Giovanne Schachere - "Criminializing HIV Transmission

6. Daniel Wenzek - "When dealing with Juvenile offenders, is death, or serving life without parole, a violation of the Eighth Amendment?  

7. Amanda Flagg - "A Matter of Character"  
8  Ryan Dunn "Teenage Drunk Driving

9. Barbara Fanizzo - "Excessive Police Force"  

10. Tammy Malifatano - "Fighting Back - An Affirmative Defense for Victims"  
11. Rex J.A. Parker - "Restoration of Marriage Equality in California"  

12. Nadine Maughan - "Health Insurance Requests for Refunds"

13. Doyle Sherman - "Dangerous Dogs"

14. Krysta Warfield - "Abuse in Foster Care"

15. Teia Pom - "Physician Assisted Suicide"

16. Crystal Lovfald - "2nd Amendment - Collective v. Individual Right"  


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